Friday, June 20, 2014

Baiji is Burning

Last night, a video taken in Tal Afar, where heavy fighting over the airport has occurred, was uploaded to YouTube.  It further shows what a majority of Iraqi security forces are up against in terms of weaponry.

Another video most likely taken from a phone (based on the image quality), it shows several dead ISIS militants (based on the arm bands and nearby flags) lying near a stash of weapons.  You can clearly see mortar shells, improvised explosives in water bottles, and a heavy machine gun that was originally mounted to a truck.  However, I must admit that I am still trying to figure out what all circular objects are.  More explosives?

Mortar shells and water bottle explosives (video image)
Dismounted heavy machine gun in the back as well as a mortar

According to BBC News, the airport in Tal Afar is mostly under militant control and the fight for the Baiji oil refinery rages on.  Meanwhile, recent sources on Twitter have reported that the refinery fire has increased due to heavy shelling.

Recent image of the fire at night from a nearby town (video here)  
Yesterday, the US officially announced it would be sending military advisers to Iraq.  There is still no information regarding possible air strikes other than that ISIS in Syria may be targeted as well.


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